Operations Management

This area of concentration is intended to study, analyze and implement systems suitable for the development and operation of industrial activities and the generation of services in a sustainable manner, adapted to the current context of industry 4.0. It is concerned with processes associated with quality management and evaluation, environmental management, development of broad manufacturing activities, production planning and control, economic management, project management, and human resources, all of them in the effort to obtain increasing levels of quality and productivity. The area also considers the rational use of resources to develop and implement strategies that make the organizations competitive, sustainable, and able to produce goods and services that serve the market as well as the society.

Lines of Research

Operational Excellence: This line aims to investigate, develop, and implement systems to support operations management when producing goods, processes, and services, including planning, control, marketing, project management and operations management techniques. It also aims to investigate and develop quality management and evaluation systems that allow organizations to apply strategies and tools to improve industrial processes and services to obtain the best use of available resources by also considering sustainability and environmental dimensions. In the context of engineering and economic management, this line of research invests in the structuring, implementation and monitoring of improvements in cost models, investment analysis, financial evaluation, and performance assessment.


Lines of Research

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Project management
  • Environmental management
  • Quality management and evaluation
  • Cost management
  • Quality Function Deployment implementation
  • Quality Function Deployment in health care


Product-Service Integration and Operation and Sustainability: This line of research investigates and develops processes and actions related to the integration of products and services, as well as the transition from typical manufacturing organizations to the inclusion of services in the offer of tangible goods (“servitization”). It also focuses on the development of sustainable and/or servitized business models.


Research topics

  • Servitization and product-service systems
  • Sustainability assessment of product-service systems
  • Business model for servitization and product-service systems
  • Transition from typical manufacturing companies to servitization


Business Intelligence and Innovation: This line of research develops studies that aim to structure the knowledge and innovation management processes, to provide diagnostics and performance evaluation mechanisms for the rational use of the organization’s resources, to encourage the practice of entrepreneurship, and to analyze business network models in order to foster intelligent systems for the production of tangible goods and services.


Research topics

  • Innovation management
  • Organizational performance evaluation


Data Intelligence in Organizations and Production Systems: This line integrates concepts, technologies and advanced methods to support the decision-making process (based on simulation, optimization, and/or data analysis) for operations management. It also develops concepts, methods and techniques for supporting managerial and operational decision making in: distributed production systems, integration of production processes, advanced manufacturing (intelligent, digital, connected, and social), intelligent maintenance and Industry 4.0. This line also aims to: develop and apply data analytics and modeling tools for production systems, analyze data on organizations’ operations or workforce to support decision making, and measure latent traits related to organizations.


Research topics

  • Data Analysis in Production Systems
  • Advanced Manufacturing Management
  • Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Production Systems
  • Item Response Theory Applied to Organizations


Digital Transformation of Industry: This line aims to investigate and promote management models for the production of tangible goods and services in the context of Industry 4.0, with an emphasis on business models, sociotechnical systems and technologies associated with this new scenario.


Research topics

  • Quality management in Industries 4.0 and 5.0
  • Production planning and control in Industries 4.0 and 5.0
  • Digitization of healthcare services
  • Integration of digital technologies for the continuous improvement of organizations
  • Digitization in the servitization process


Faculty Members

Álvaro Guillermo Rojas Lezana

Antonio Cezar Bornia

Carlos Ernani Fries

Dalton Francisco de Andrade

Edson Pacheco Paladini (Coordinator)

Enzo Morosini Frazzon

Guilherme Luz Tortorella

Lucila Maria de Souza Campos

Marina Bouzon

Nelson Casarotto Filho

Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel

Sandra Rolim Ensslin