This area of concentration focuses on the research and development of ergonomics applied to work design, product and service development, and processes in the productive context in general. The studies cover the analysis and design of ergonomic aspects of work, products, services or organizational processes, with the purpose of improving human well-being and increasing the overall efficiency of systems.

Lines of Research

Ergonomic Production Management: This line carries out ergonomic studies as support to production management, seeking to understand the nature of work in the different fields of human activity, whether in the industrial, service, rural or fishing context, considering the quality of life with a focus on the physical, cognitive and organizational aspects of work.


Research topics

  • Ergonomics and Lean
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics and Services
  • Rural and Fishing Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics and Quality of Life
  • Physical, Cognitive and Organizational Ergonomics


Ergonomic Product and Service Design: This line focuses on ergonomics applied to the design of products and services in general (including in health), involving the use of specific methodologies, such as instrumentation evaluation and quali-quantitative analysis to improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as human satisfaction and comfort.


Research topics

  • Ergonomics and Technologies
  • Usability and Human Comfort
  • Product and Service Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics and Instrumentation Evaluation


Ergonomics in Occupational Safety and Health: This line is concerned with the ergonomic principles related to the management of occupational safety and health, risks of an ergonomic nature, biosafety, elaboration/adequacy of standards, guidelines, protocols and technologies, as well as analysis of psychosocial aspects and the built environment.


Research topics

  • Ergonomics and Health Management
  • Ergonomics and Safety Management
  • Ergonomics and Built Environment
  • Ergonomics and Psychosocial Aspects
  • Development of Protocols and Technologies


Faculty Members

Antônio Renato Pereira Moro

Eugenio Andrés Díaz Merino

Lizandra Garcia Lupi Vergara (Coordinator)