Master’s Program

The curricular structure of the Master’s Program is composed of cousework credits, research credits and a thesis. There are no compulsory courses in the program’s curriculum. The minimum curriculum requires the completion of 24 credits, 18 of which correspond to coursework and 6 to the completion of a thesis. Almost all PPGEP courses are 3 credits and held Monday through Friday, weekly, in the morning or the afternoon.

With the student’s supervisor’s approval, up to 9 credits may be transferred from courses taken as a special student (


Students must comply with the Validation of the Quality of Research, which corresponds to the presentation of scores made in activities such as publications of manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and research conferences. This validation has a minimum score required and is regulated by Resolution no. 002/PPGEP/2017, which can be accessed at The average time to complete the program is 2 years.