Product, Process and Services Engineering

The research in this area of concentration presents a fundamental role in organizations, since it is responsible for developing the products and services that companies use to relate to the market. The study on the development and management of processes is also carried out in this area, because it is from them that the products and services are developed. The Product, Process and Service Engineering area is paramount to generate business competitiveness, and the success of the business depends on the work carried out under its coordination. The lines of research developed in this area cover a variety of topics considered important.


Lines of Research


Product, Process and Service Development Management: This line aims to understand how to manage and promote the continuous improvement in the development process of products, processes and services in public, private and semi-private companies.


Research topics

  • Development and Diffusion of Products, Services and Sustainable Technologies
  • Safety and Health Aspects in Products, Processes and Services
  • Incorporation of Smart Technologies into Products and Services
  • Improvement of the Product and Service Development Process
  • Lean Management


Product, Process and Service Development: This line aims to understand new techniques and approaches to plan, develop or implement methodologies, techniques or tools to develop new products, processes and services in companies.


Research topics

  • Methodologies to design smart products and services
  • Lean Product and Service Development


Faculty Members


Diego de Castro Fettermann (Coordinator)

Eugenio Andrés Díaz Merino

Fernando Antônio Forcellini

Mauricio Uriona Maldonado

Osmar Possamai

Paulo Augusto Cauchick Miguel