Foreign Students

Foreign students residing outside Brazil can apply to the Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Production Engineering through the Exchange Program of Graduate Students (Programa de Estudantes-Convênio de Pós-Graduação – PEC-PG). The application process is completed directly at the CNPq website (for the master’s degree) or the CAPES website (for the doctoral degree).

The Graduate Program in Production Engineering (PPGEP) has a specific internal procedure for issuing letters of acceptance, which are required to apply for the PEC-PG. For details on this procedure, read the documents below:

 PPGEP Call for Applications – Foreign Applicants

Annex A.doc

Annex B


The template for the Research Project can be downloaded from the link below:

Project Template


Note: The letter of acceptance indicates only that the applicant is fit, from an academic point of view, to develop his or her studies in Brazil and is conditional on the applicant’s acceptance by the PEC-PG. Therefore, in the case where the applicantis not selected by the PEC-PG, the letter does not guarantee regular enrolment.

A flow chart, describing the simplified process, is shown below.

Flow chart.


More about the PEC-PG

PEC-PG offers students from developing countries with which Brazil has an Educational, Cultural, or Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement the opportunity to pursue a Master’s or Doctoral degree at Brazilian Universities. The PEC-PG is jointly administered by the Cultural Department – (DC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), CAPES and CNPq.

Applications for the Master’s Degree shall be forwarded exclusively to CNPq, based on the information detailed in this link:



Applications for the Doctoral Degree shall be forwarded exclusively to CNPq, based on the information detailed in this link:




Also, PEC-PG offers the following benefits:

  • Regular student enrollment in the Master’s or Doctoral program;
  • A monthly scholarship of R$ 1,500.00 for master’s students, with a maximum duration of 24 months, and R$ 2,200.00 for doctoral students, with a maximum duration of 48 months;
  • Once the Master’s or Doctoral program is complete, a return air ticket to the home country of the foreign student.

Further information:

PEC-PG Call for Applications