The main purpose of the Graduate Program in Production Engineering (PPGEP) is to train professionals capable of leading the development and application of concepts, tools, methods and technologies in society. PPGEP/UFSC was established in 1969, offering a master’s degree program in 1979 and a doctoral degree program in 1989. Since 2013, the Program has been structured in four Concentration Areas: (1) Ergonomics; (2) Product, Process and Service Engineering; (3) Operations Management; and (4) Logistics and Supply Chain.

PPGEP/UFSC trains professionals capable of carrying out management, research and teaching activities, contributing to public and private organizations in the academic, industrial, service and government sectors. PPGEP/UFSC aims to promote research activities, projects and publications at the frontier of knowledge, which are not only relevant for their scientific and academic contributions, but also for their impact on industry, the service sector, government and society in general. The Program is part of a global network of institutions, cooperating in both fundamental and applied research projects.

PPGEP/UFSC is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Lizandra Garcia Lupi Vergara and Prof.Dr. Gisele De Lorena Diniz Chaves.