Non-degree students (single course enrollment)


To enroll in a single course at PPGEP, you must check our Academic Calendar and, within the specific enrollment period, follow these instructions:

  1. Fill in the SINGLE COURSE ENROLLMENT FORM and send it to the course instructor for analysis. The email list of PPGEP faculty members can be found in the menu on the left (Faculty).
  2. Wait for the course instructor to return the form with their signature (confirming your acceptance in the course).
  3. Enroll at CAPG:, attaching the SINGLE COURSE ENROLLMENT FORM, duly signed by the course instructor, to the system. Attention: forms sent without the instructor’s signature will not be considered and the enrollment will not be completed.

It is mandatory to attend the first class of the course (see the Course Schedule).


After enrollment, you must access the Moodle platform and select “First Access”, if that is the case. Course instructors use this platform to share course materials and send links for online meetings.


Regular students from other graduate programs at UFSC shall request their enrollment through their program’s office.

Note: According to the PPGEP Bylaws, article 25, “The sum of credits transferred by the student (if accepted as a regular student) must not exceed 9 (nine) credits for the master’s degree and 18 (eighteen) credits for the doctoral degree (including credits obtained in the master’s degree, which are transferable)”.